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Welcome to the ESGHT, UAlg!

Welcome to Portugal, the Algarve University (UAlg) and in particular the School of Management, Hospitality and Tourism (ESGHT)! We hope you have a very enriching experience for your personal and academic life. I am here to help you in this adventure! September 19th is the beginning of the scholar year. We advise you to start attending from day one. You have two weeks to attend ALL the classes you want. Whether or not you are enrolled in them. These two weeks will be used to talk to the teachers of the subjects, to know what their attendance regime in the class, their schedule and what their evaluation regime. This period will serve to reflect and analyze if the disciplines you have chosen are, in fact, the ones you want to attend. The service for information and registration of international students takes place from the 26th – 30th of September, with the coordinator Paula Serdeira Azevedo, office 33.

To know your timetable, as well as all subjects, you must to go to the platform: or (please, log in with your student number and the password gave by our international office) to verify the schedules of lessons, the room where the classes will be and the name of the teachers.
Also In, you can find the email contact of all the teachers as well as they schedules.

Remember, some teachers do different timetables of classes for small groups of Erasmus/Mobility students. For that reason, it is so important to talk with the teachers, personally or by email, to know about this question.


Important Information & Calendar

ESGHT Welcome - 2019

Welcome to the ESGHT 2019

Welcome to ESGHT 2019


Modules - Incoming Students

Classes are taught in Portuguese but all the modules listed below provide tutorial sessions in English for mobility students: Modules with English tutorial.


UC English Tutorial 2022-2023


Learning Agreement for Studies

Person responsible for outgoing students

Ana Paula Correia - office 211 tel: +351 289 800 100

Person responsible for incoming students

Paula Azevedo - office 33 tel: +351 289 800 100