International Programmes

The mobility of students, teachers and researchers is one of the priorities established in the Bologna Process, which aims to create a European Higher Education Area, with the aim of strengthening the competitiveness and attractiveness of European higher education and promoting the employability of young people. In an increasingly demanding job market in terms of flexibility and the ability to adapt to change, mobility is an opportunity for personal, academic and professional enrichment and an important tool in combating the challenges posed by the economic and financial crisis.

The number of students on mobility programmes at ESGHT, both those who visit us from other countries, as well as our students who choose to carry out part of their studies abroad, has been increasing considerably in recent years.

Students interested in studying in Europe will be able to apply for the Erasmus+ Programme, which allows them to attend a semester or an academic year at one of the many European higher education institutions with which the University of Algarve has established bilateral agreements. Under the Erasmus+ Programme, students will also be able to do a curricular or extracurricular internship within the European Community.

Students interested in studying outside Europe (namely in Brazil) will also be able to do so at higher education institutions with which the University of Algarve has an established protocol.

There is also the possibility of undertaking a period of study at another Portuguese higher education institution, through the Vasco da Gama Programme (in the case of a polytechnic higher education institution) or the Almeida Garrett Programme (for a university higher education institution).

Number of Outgoing and Incoming students

In the 2014/2015 academic year, the ESGHT received 104 international students and sent 26 students to foreign universities.

Outgoing mobility from 2006/2007 to 2016/2017

Incoming mobility from 2006/2007 to 2016/2017

Since 2006/07, the ESGHT has sent students to the following countries (in descending order of number of students): Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Czech Republic, France, Austria, Finland, Greece, Latvia, Turkey, Italy, Croatia, Norway, Denmark and Mexico. The ESGHT has also sent students to other Portuguese higher education institutions, under the national mobility programmes.

In 2016/2017, the ESGHT received students from Germany, Brazil, Denmark, Slovakia, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Netherlands, Italy, Latvia, Mexico, Poland, the United Kingdom and Romania. In 2014/2015, the ESGHT received students from Germany, Belarus, Brazil, Slovakia, Spain, France, Greece, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovenia, Finland, Peru, Romania, Turkey and Portugal (this last on internal mobility).

Staff mobility (teaching/research)

In 2016/2017, the ESGHT received nine professors from Spain, one from Finland, one from Poland and one from the Czech Republic.

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