R&D Projects

The research developed at UAlg goes far beyond the walls of academia, extending to the most varied spheres of society. Find out where UAlg is in the country and in the world and learn about the projects in progress.




Título Tipologia Data de início Data de fim Data de prorrogação
Cooperation Network in R&D&i geared towards the design of a sustainable cross-border system of maritime-river transport in the Gulf of Cadiz Cooperação Territorial 01-10-2015 05-04-2021
IHERITAGE: ICT Mediterranean platform for UNESCO cultural heritage Cooperação Territorial 15-09-2020 31-03-2023
IMPACTUR-ALGARVE - Platform for monitoring, forecasting and simulating tourism competitiveness (…) Investigação e Desenvolvimento 26-07-2019 25-07-2022
IT-AMGABAlgarve - Technological Innovation in the Art of Pairing and Food and Beverage Management in the Algarve Investigação e Desenvolvimento 15-01-2019 14-01-2022