Curso Livre Sistema de Normalização Contabilística para as Administrações Públicas

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Escola Superior de Gestão, Hotelaria e Turismo
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Economics, Management and Tourism

Accounting information is an important source of information for internal and external users of public entities. The information from the accounting system is essential for the public service to be of quality and to provide efficient use of resources. In this context, it is intended to convey concepts, principles and methods currently used in Portuguese Public Accounting, based on the Public Plan of Accounting (SNC-AP).

At the same time we aim the users understand budgeting and financial statements which constitute the main documents of accountability of a public entity in Portugal. In addition to this information there is a legal duty to disclose a range of information including financial and economic information.

Therefore, it is necessary to provide the users with theoretical knowledge about public accounting, which is essential for organizations wishing to be competitive in today's society.

Tuition and Fees 2020/2021

Registration Fee: 25 Euros

Tuition: 175 Euros


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