New "Prémio Investigador UAlg" will distinguish research developed at the University

With the aim of distinguishing and publicly recognising the University of Algarve's researcher who, due to the work developed in the area of scientific research, stands out nationally and internationally, the Algarve Academy created the "UAlg Researcher Award".

The Prize will be awarded in the form of a diploma and a sum of five thousand euros.

To apply, it is necessary to have a legal-employment bond with UAlg, as a teacher or researcher with a duration of at least three uninterrupted years, reported to 31 December of the year prior to the edition of the competition. All information and requirements should be consulted in the Regulations of the Prize.

The applications run from 19 September to 20 October 2022 and are made exclusively through an online form.

This award is mainly aimed at encouraging the participation of UAlg teachers and researchers in projects and in the internationalization of the Institution, with effective impacts on scientific productivity and the affirmation of excellence of the University of Algarve, as an institution that is part of the National Scientific and Technological System. It will be awarded in December of each calendar year, during the public ceremony on the University's Day.

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